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  • Life Groups   ( 0 Articles )


            Join a Life Group!!

    Stay uplifted and fellowship with others each week as we study God's Word in small groups!  Life Groups meet weekly on most weeknights at various locations including homes and the church.

    Whether you're single, married, divorced, or a family full of little ones, there is a Life Group for you!



  • 6Eleven Youth   ( 1 Article )


    6Eleven Youth Group Ministry

    Ages 12 - 25


    Showing young men and women a way to live in total fellowship with Christ, while overcoming the pressures of today's culture.







  • Leading Ladies   ( 0 Articles )



    Leading Ladies Ministry


    Guiding mothers, wives and single women into a deeper, loving relationship with Christ and one another, while finding fulfillment in their destiny as a woman of God.

    Join us for women's only events and teachings. 
    Enjoy great fun and fellowship!










  • Mighty Men   ( 0 Articles )


    MIGHTY MEN Ministry 


    Mentoring fathers, husbands and single men to mature in their personal relationship with Christ and connect with their purpose as a man of God.